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Ceremony music?

What are you using for your ceremony music for walking down the aisle, BP walking down the aisle, etc.
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Re: Ceremony music?

  • I haven't decided yet for the Bridal Party or the end of the ceremony, but when I walk down with my dad I want to play Canon in D.
  • "Canon in D" for the WP, and an instrumental version of "Boston" by Augustana for me.  It has one of the cutest piano parts ever made, and the same chord progression as "Canon in D," so it will make the transition smoother.

    Haven't decided if I'm using drums/guitar for the processional yet.  I know I'll use guitar, but I'm not sure how I want to arrange all three yet.
    Piano throughout - that's definite.
    Guitar for both?? neither? just for me?  Not sure yet.
    I do want drums for "Boston," and I know that will happen.
  • We are on a very tight budget so we will most likely have someone in charge of a CD player and use Sinatra's L-O-V-E for the processional and we are thinking about O Happy Day for the recessional. We want something a bit more upbeat and untraditional.
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