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& the bride's side will be empty...

Okay, not totally empty..but I will have no parents on my side for the ceremony/reception.

My mother just kind of up and left when I was young, and my father passed away pretty tragically when I was 17.
My grandfather on his side is also deceased, and my uncle has two daughters, so I would honestly feel bad if I asked him...I feel it would take away from them when it was their turn.

I've decided to order a small picture to place around my bouquet for when I walk down the aisle alone, and I plan on having a rememberence candle in his honor. My FH will have one for his grandfather, who recently passed and who he was very close to.

My big worry are the dances. Embarassed I've read that some brides are just ommiting these father/daughter, mother/groom, wedding party dances altogether...however, FH does have a mother, and she would probably get very upset and very vocal if I decided to omit these dances as well.

I've thought about the option of doing a short rememberence speech by me in place of my dance, just a shout-out, so it doesn't dampen the mood too much, and let FH-FMIL have their dance. But it's too far away to be able to tell if I would still feel left out after that...if that makes sense? Everything else I could honestly care less about, because this decision has alot of emotion wrapped into it, and I would really hate to make the wrong one.

Opinions and/or ideas, anyone?
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