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To do the first look OR to NOT do the first look...that is the question.

Ok, so as much as I was against doing the "first look" for photos, now I am actually considering it!  What changed?  Well, my photographer asked that I send a list of combinations of the photos that we want to be taken.  As I'm listing...and listing...and listing...I begin to realize how many authentic smiles we and everyone else in the wedding party is to produce within such a short amount of time.  So the upside to the first look would be a more relaxed photo session post-ceremony.  Note- since we are holding the ceremony and reception in the same place (the ceremony is outdoors, dinner indoors, and dancing under a pavillion, all of which are on some of the most beautiful lush grounds in Michigan) we really only have about an hour in between the end of the ceremony and the grand entrance.

I really wanted that wow moment when my FI first sees me walking down the aisle.  However, now I'm thinking that I'll still have that moment with everyone else who hasn't yet saw me or my bridal party.  I'm so back and forth with this.  I always wanted to follow the tradition that the groom doesn't see the bride before the ceremony, but now I want my day to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for everyone...including us!  What in the heck should I do?
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