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Re: Invite Etiquette

  • If a person is invited to the shower, then they should have been invited to the wedding.
  • Ditto to PP. The only exception is a work shower.
  • I will agree that it was rude for her to not let you know but, by inviting her to your shower, you're kind of stuck.
  • Agreed with PP. 

    Have you talked to her since to see if something maybe came up that she was unable to attend?
  • I think you might also be overreacting a bit.  Things happen and people have to change their plans.  You're right, it would have been nice of her to shoot you a text to let you know.  Perhaps you could call her up and say something like, "Sorry we missed you at the shower -- is everything okay?"

    And PP are right.  If you invite someone to the shower, you should invite them to the wedding.  Not doing so is like saying, "I want you to buy me a present, but I don't want you to come celebrate with me."



  • I agree with the PP's. Invite her to the wedding. I guarantee that once she gets the invite she will mention something about missing the shower.

    There will always be people who RSVP 'yes' and fail to show up. We had a good number of people do that at our wedding--it is just the way it goes. Some were good friends, and some were people who we rarely see anymore. Some made an effort to reach out to us afterwards and others didn't. But none of them told us beforehand that they wouldn't be able to be there. Some were even people who I spoke with on the phone the WEEK of the wedding who maintained that they'd see us on Saturday who didn't show. Things happen, and you just have to take solace in the fact that they are the ones breaching etiquette. But I also guarantee that you won't spend an ounce of time worrying about it on your wedding day.
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