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Honoring parents....

Okay...not sure WHERE this is supposed to fall....??  So I'll consider it custom/tradition.  My fiance's family has not been his greatest asset.  His mother is totally off the rocker, and for the past five years has had no contact with her whatsoever.  His father and him have had a rocky relationship at best; they are more like uncle/nephew than father/son. 

My family and I, however, are superclose.  I have been blessed with super folks and even the FI is very close to them.  I want to honor them in our ceremony, because they are amazing, but then that leaves this awkward kind of vibe surrounding the state of the FI's family.....everyone know's that FI's parents (divorced) are both alive.  In fact, FFIL is going to be in attendance.  To put something in ceremony/in program to honor my parents but not his parents seems, again, for lack of a better word, awkward.  To "fake" a tribute to FI's father could backfire.  Their relationship still remains that strained....

I don't want a "heavier" family acknowledgement to raise eyebrows or to make any of my FI's other family members, such as aunts and uncles, feel uncomfortable with the disconnect either.  Yet I don't want to short my parents on a day I have always imagined honoring them for their contributions to my (and our) lives....any suggestions??
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