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OOT rehearsal dinner

we are having our wedding out of town. everyone will have to drive about 1 1/2 to get to the venue. so are expecting a decent amount of our guests to stay over, especially family. we felt bad that everyone has to drive to our wedding and stay overnight but now i'm feeling guilty about our families and WP having to drive out for the rehearsal. we are having our wedding on a saturday and our priest suggested to have our rehearsal the evening before at 7pm. i feel bad that everyone at the rehearsal dinner will most likely have to drive back the next day or at the very least they may pay for an extra night at the hotel so they don't have to drive back.

what do you think? is it terribly rude to do this? or should we have the rehearsal dinner the week before so people don't have to drive so much in one weekend. i suppose there's not too much we can do but i'm just trying to think if there's any way to help our guests and the inconvenience.

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    I'm in a similar situation. I am expecting my guests to do a whole lot of driving when they come (if they are part of the rehearsal) but I'm hoping most of them will just go with the flow. I am very sensitive to their needs; I didn't want to have to inconvience them but like some PPs said, it's just a part of the wedding.
    In your situation, is most of your WP coming early? Because you could always do the rehearsal earlier in the afternoon the day before if you priest allows. That's what we're doing. Then we'll all be going back into town (where we're all living and staying) and doing the dinner itself there. Just an idea.
    I hope you figure it out and don't fret too much about it- as long as you can communicate the rehearsal to those who may not be there, everything should work out. (: Good luck.
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