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Is it weird to have the send-off after the ceremony, as opposed to after the reception?

I am a very traditional bride; in fact, if I had to state a "theme" for my wedding, it would probably have to be "keeping with tradition." The ceremony will take place in a church, and the reception will follow at an event center just down the road. My church is beautiful so I'm thinking of having the send-off directly after the ceremony, as my husband and I are exiting the church, and I'm thinking of having the guest throw colored rose petals, which will look beautiful against my white dress and my beautiful white church. However, any wedding I've ever been to always has the send-off after the reception, when it's already dark and no fun for pictures. I don't want to go against tradition and have the send-off at a weird what do y'all think? Is it weird to have the send-off after the ceremony, as opposed to after the reception?

Re: Is it weird to have the send-off after the ceremony, as opposed to after the reception?

  • I've never actually been to a wedding that didn't have the send off after the reception.  They've all been after the ceremony as they bride and groom leave the church.
  • Every wedding I've been to with a send-off has had it as the couple leaves the church, so that's normal to me.
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  • ditto kshira.  Many people now do the photo op. (don't call it a send-off and it makes perfect sense) after the ceremony as that's the only time they have all their guests in one place.

    Many people leave a reception before the B&G do, so an end of reception photo op. is often a let down-rather like an afterthought.

    My one caveat is to be sure that the church will allow tossed "stuff".  The church in which I work doesn't allow it.  Fake petals are a PITA for our custodian to have to clean up.  Birdseed, rice, etc. are also not permitted as they draw birds and rodents and are a slipping hazard.  So just check with your church and see what their guidelines are.

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  • I've always seen it done at the church, that way people who might cut out of the ceremony early don't miss out.
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    i agree with mysticl!! some people may want to leave the reception early. your older guests may want to call it a night a bit earlier than you and your friends, but would you really want some of these people to miss your "send off" (grandparents, maybe older aunts and uncles)? 

    i don't think i've ever been to a wedding where the "send off" was at the end of the reception.
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  • Well, thanks guys! This makes me feel better! Maybe having the send-off after the reception is a southern, or maybe even a Texas, thing. My fiance just thinks it's weird to have the send-off after the ceremony, as the guests are not actually "sending us off." I'll just have to think of it as trix1223 said, "don't call it a send-off and it makes perfect sense," lol
  • I think some people feel ilke it's weird since you just have to go back inside for pics.  The only reason we're doing sendoff after reception is that our ceremony and reception are in the same place.  We're doing a sparkler sendoff at the end of the night - perfectly awesome for pics.
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