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Not sure where to post: NEED WEDDING COLOR ADVICE!!!

Hey all,
I am having a tough time figuring my colors out for the wedding. I am not creative at all and wish to have a really classic-traditional wedding theme. My FI will swing either way between choosing red(like apple red) or dark blue, and then black and ivory. My two concerns are: 1) Both my sisters had very pink weddings. I do not wish to follow in their footsteps, so going with red would be doing that in my eyes...2) BUT I am concerned if I do a dark blue, and have blue coordinations with that, it will look like a "bruise" themed wedding. I want the bridesmaids to wear black, so having so much black and blue...well you get the idea...Two more things a long that line: I am thinking that my bridesmaids can go and pick their own LBD with several considerations like length, etc. Has this worked well for anyone? And flower girl: To wear white or not? I would prefer if she was in a color, but a little black dress on a little girl(age 5) looks kind of gruesome...HELP please! ANY ides would be appreciated!!!!

Re: Not sure where to post: NEED WEDDING COLOR ADVICE!!!

  • If you went with a darker red then it wouldnt be as pink. Personally if you like red I dont think it should matter what your sisters did.
  • I agree that no one is going to see black and blue and think bruise.  And red does not equal pink, so no one is going to think it's the same as your sisters at all.  Do whichever color scheme you like better.

    And your flower girl doesn't have to be in white or black.  You're going to be using an accent color, so you could put her in that.

    A lot of people let their BMs pick out their own dresses and it turns out well.  Especially with black, they might be able to pick up something they could wear again. 
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Not sure where to post: NEED WEDDING COLOR ADVICE!!!</a>:
    [QUOTE]I also don't think anyone will put black and blue together in their head and come up with a "bruised" themed wedding.  If you like red, go with that.  No one will be like, "All the Johnson girls really like using pink", because red =/= pink. 
    Posted by bbyckes[/QUOTE]

    I agree completely with that.

    If you use red and the BMs wear black, it's a very different and much more classic look than pink.  And like bbyckes said, pink is not red.  See both of my bios (link in signature) for pics and ideas from my red and black wedding.

    Also, here are tons of inspiration pics for a navy blue wedding:

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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  • Do whatever you want! Your guests won't be setting your pics next to your sister's and comparing colors. And don't be afraid of breaking "color traditions." Be creative and make the wedding look how you want! I'm doing shades of purple and yellow, with silver accents, for my August wedding. Have fun with it :)
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