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Surprise First Dance

I'm looking for a song for our first dance. We're looking for the element of surprise. We will start and end with our traditional wedding song but we are looking for something fun and different to surprise everyone with. I wanted Michael Jackson's "the way you make me feel" and my fiance isn't really feeling it. Haha. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks!! =]

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Re: Surprise First Dance

  • We're doing something reall simialr too, it's sort of like the eveloution of dance which means we're both picking a song to go into after our beginning song from moulin rouge
  • Okay, so this was my father/daughter dance, but we did something similar to what you're looking to do. We started off with Butterfly Kisses, and when it went to the bridge, the DJ had worked it so the first 40 seconds of What Is Love? from Night at the Roxbury came on. We had practiced turning our heads to do the head bobbing at the same time, plus the hand motions they use in the beginning of the movie in the car. Then we went back to the final verse of the song to end it. People were standing up, clapping and cheering because no one expected it.  I'd suggest just picking something that is upbeat, you can pick a shorter clip out of, and that will be easy to dance to for both you and your FI. Have fun with it!

  • He loves to rickroll people, so I feel it's only fair to rickroll him.
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