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step father/father issues

So my stepdad has raised me, and has been my dad since i was five (my FI asked him and my mom for my hand, and didn't even talk to my biological father before proposing). my biological father has been the "disneyland dad" he swoops in, spends money, takes me places but has been more of a friend than an actual father... we lost touch for years i swore i'd never talk to him again and since he has been having health issues the past few years we've become closer again. I still feel as though the the father role truly belongs to my stepdad
So the walking down the aisle will be done by my mom (which my biological father isn't happy about b/c he wants to do that and my step dad wants only what i want) 
So then it comes to the dances... My stepdad and I will likely be dancing to "my little girl" by Tim McGraw i'm a total daddy's girl :)
but i don't know what to do for my bio father... i don't have those gushy feelings for him but i don't want him to feel bad, cuz he's already feeling left out... it's hard, and i know a lot of you are in the same position... HELP!!!
thanks ladies

Re: step father/father issues

  • My parents are freshly divorced. (january) The past year and half has been very difficult and my father has changed (not for the better) Our relationship has shifted. We used to be soooo close but not anymore. He seems to not care about keeping in touch, etc. So I'm finding it very difficult to pick a song or even picture him walking me down the aisle. I feel like it will be forced. I dont have a step dad to take his place. The only other person I would feel comfortable with would be my future FIL. He has been there for me when my dad wasnt. BUT, like you said you can't really leave him out, I haven't made any final decisions but i am pretty sure i will just let my dad walk me down the aisle. As for our first dance, i think i'm going to start with a semi mushy song that used to be our favorite and then switch it to something silly to make the mood lighter. He always sang popeye the sailor man to me when i was little. I loved it, so even though others may not get it, we will. I'm trying to remember him for what he used to be, not for what he has become.

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