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English/British traditions?

Hi Ladies, I was wondering if anyone knew of any English/British wedding traditions? FI is English so I thought it would be fun to have something of his culture in the wedding, even though he says he doesn't mind :)  I'm planning on talking to FMIL to see what she thinks, but thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas!

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Re: English/British traditions?

  • I found a few traditions for my heritage and FI's heritage by googling. TK also has a small article about traditions in different countries, I saw an English tradition in the article as well.
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  • I'm from England and getting married there! My fiance is American.
    British weddings actually do have very specific traditions that surprise some people. A lot of it comes down to attire. It is customary for the wedding to take place in the morning, and for the female guests to wear hats, or at least a hair fascinator of some kind. Usually people choose bright colors. Men traditionally wear top hats and morning suits with a flower in the button hole. If you really want to have a British feel, that would be a great dress code to go for!
    There is no rehearsal dinner in England, but instead, after the morning ceremony, there is a "wedding breakfast," a sit-down meal usually in the mid-afternoon, where all the speeches and toasts happen. The best man, the father of the bride, and the groom are the traditional people who make the speeches. After the wedding breakfast, there is usually a party with a dancefloor that goes late into the night.
    Other things of note - at British weddings, there are no groomsmen in the Bridal party, and the order of coming down the aisle is different. The bride goes in front with her father, followed by her bridesmaids, and they are not escorted by anyone. In British weddings, you can have more little children in the wedding if you want to. I have seen brides have only one adult bridesmaid and an array of little ones behind her. Anyway, those are some of the things I can think of.
  • My first wedding was to a Brit, in the UK. PP mentioned some aspects of the wedding... it's definitely traditional to have a lot of speeches during the meal.

    Also, traditionally the cake is a fruitcake, so if you or fi like that, you could have one as a groom's cake as a nod to tradition.

    You could serve Pimm's Cups as a signature cocktail, and if your venue allows for it, use all UK beers for the reception (there are some great choices).

    Choose something by Elgar as one of your ceremony songs- make a note in the program

  • Ooh, thanks ladies!  I've tried googling, but it's hard to get a feel having never seen an English wedding.  I don't know if I could convince the guest on the dress code, but I love that idea!

    That's really interesting that the processional is backwards compared to the US!  And no groomsmen?!  Are there ushers?

    I love the idea of Pimm's, maybe a Pimm's royale for a little fancier?  Everything is better with bubbly :)

    Hamiltci - how are you dealing with visas? FI and I about fainted when we saw how expensive the fiancee and spouse visas are!  That's why we're getting married in Seattle and then deciding where to live (not to mention I wouldn't be able to work on a fiancee visa and we're paying for the wedding ourselves, so that's not an option!)

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  • Funny!  And risk getting soot on my dress? ;)

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