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Stumped about Father/Daughter Dance

I feel like I've been hunting for weeks for a good father/daughter  dance idea with no real luck.  It also doesn't help that my dad and I are math nerds and have no real creativity.  Just to give you some background info, my dad and I are super close and I've always been his little buddy.  He taught me how to play tons of sports growing up so I was always a tomboy.  We actually thought about doing "I am the greatest" by Kenny Rogers, but I feel like no one will get it.  I know this is sort of an odd request, but if anyone out there has any ideas they'll be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

Re: Stumped about Father/Daughter Dance

  • gundy21gundy21 member
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    My dad picked our song - and our DJ said he had never played it at a wedding - Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog.  He picked it since it was one of my favorite songs as a little kid and we went as a family to see all the Muppet movies in the theater.  Everyone there loved that we picked something that was meaningful to us - just not some random song that everyone uses.  Go with what makes you and your dad happy!
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  • I feel like if there is a song that has meaning for the two of you, then you should go for it. It doesn't matter if anyone else gets it, because it is a time for the two of you.
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  • I Loved Her First by Lonestar is what my dad and I am dancing to.
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  • My dad and I are doing a faster dance song, because he's the one who taught me to dance to that kind of music (jitterbug). It's unusual, but it fits us and has a lot of meaning behind it for us. I think you should choose the song that has meaning behind it for you and your dad; it really does matter if anyone else gets it.
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  • If you want that song, go for it. It sounds like that song holds some meaning for you guys.

    Or you could try asking your Dad what he would like to dance with you to. My Dad picked our song, but it probably wouldn't be revelant to you.
  • Butterfly Kisses is a great song, but it's all about being daddy's little girl. So if you were a tomboy it might not fit. But it's a beautiful song! Makes me cry every time I listen to it.
  • I really like "I am your child" by Barry Manilow. Its really sentimental if that's what you're going for.
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    You should definately go with something that means a lot to you guys, that's a big part of the whole tradition. If you really are stumped, has been helpful for me, looking for songs for the wedding playlist. I'm trying to decide between two songs right now, either "Pride and Joy," by Stevie Ray Vaughn or "Stealing Cinderella," by Chuck Wicks.
  • My dad and I are dancing to Hearltand's "I held her first".
  • plato79plato79 member
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    Like many other PP I'm probably going with "I Loved Her First." I did ask my father for an opinion and he said, "Oh that's a nice song. Whatever you pick will be great." Ergo, we'll be dancing to what I pick...he is so funny. 
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  • em01092em01092 member
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    I'm torn between either "Cinderella" by Stephen Curtis Chapman or "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. 

    Pick whatever song you feel like is best for you and your dad. Who cares what anyone else thinks, so long as it has meaning to you and your dad!
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  • My daughter and husband danced to "Dance with Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman.  I cried...
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  • My best friend and her dad danced to Gracie by Ben Folds.  I think thats the first time I saw that man cry, its a really beautiful song. 
  • Thanks so much guys.  You all are making me feeling better about doing something less traditional! 
  • My dad and I are dancing to I Loved Her First by Heartland

    I feel that your song should be whatever holds meaning for you and your dad. 
    If you are worried about your guests not getting it, you can put together a little blurb for the MC to read out?
  • Eagles- It's your world now or You are not Alone

    I am trying to decide between the two. 

    Then again I want nothing that says dad because i am dancing with my Uncle
  • ditto pps...My dad and I are dancing to "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts. The song is all about going out and conquering the world, having a great life, etc...but knowing home is there. It works for us. Do what works for you...if people wonder why you picked your song, you can just explain it to them if they ask.
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  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    Are you really sure you want to do this dance?  There is no "requirement" for it.  It sounds like you might be forcing something that neither you nor your dad are comfortable doing.  You both might be more energized just skipping it.
  • tmacwintmacwin member
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    A great one that I'm thinking about doing is "Then They Do" by Trace Adkins. 
  • Yeah we definitely want to do it, we're just not sentimental people so it's hard to find a song. We've actually talked about starting out with a sappy song and then switching in the middle to something more fun. We have a few fallback songs in case we can't think of anything more unique and tailored to us. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone!
  • At first both my dad and I picked Butterfly Kisses, but the song is over 5 minutes long!  So, I started thinking of doing a waltz or fox trot with my dad to a different song since he has always supported me in my ballroom dancing (and has even come to the ballroom and danced with me before).  It's still in the process, but you can defintely do what has meaning to least in my opinion.

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  • fe208fe208 member
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    I will actually be dancing with my stepdad and I have picked out "He didn't have to be" by Brad Paisley.  Im gonna wait till the wedding to suprise him with it.
  • I danced to "Daughter" by Loudon Wainwright III. It's a lovely song. 
  • We're dancing to "The House That Built Me" by Miranda Lambert.  I picked it because my dad is really the "house" that built me.  The song makes me cry everytime I hear it.

    I think it doesn't matter if others "get" the song you dance to.  Because it's a father/daughter dance they will more than likely understand that whatever song you pick is something that is meaningful to the 2 of you.

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