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How to honor grandparents?

My fiance and I would like to honor our grandparents during the wedding at some point. We both have living and deceased grandparents but my fiance's grandmother is still living but will not be able to attend the wedding. How do we honor her without making it seem like she has passed away like others in the family?

Re: How to honor grandparents?

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    I have the same exact situation.  I was thinking of including old black and white photos from the grandparents' weddings and have them in silver frames on display either at the escort card table, by the guest book or perhaps around the cake.  Therefore they are all represented but its just honoring their weddings and the marriages that resulted in the families now being joined. 
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    For those that are deceased, just mention something about them in your program (assuming you are having them), that is what we did. As far as the Grandma that couldn't be there, you could honor her at the reception by mentioning a few words about her.
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    i love the idea of the photos!  We did this for my sister's wedding and added a "family tree" to the display.  I cut out paper leaves and hung them on curly willow branches in a vase.  each leaf had an important value or belief on it (ie. truth, honesty, curiosity) that my sister and her husband shared.  in a seperate frame i printed a sheet on pretty paper that said "from generation to generation our families have given us the values we hold most dear" or something like that.   i placed the wedding pictures of parents and grandparents around the display.  people really seemed to like it, and it added a really nice touch of family continuity to the wedding.

    at my wedding we honoured our grandparents, and other important relatives (both living and deceased) in our wedding program.

    we had a section that read:

    on this day we remember with love:
    names of everyone
    "May their memories be a blessing"

    for grandma who can't be there you coule potentially put something like
    "We regret that grandma X wasn't able to travel here to join us .  We know she is thinking of us and wishing us well from her home in (name of town)"

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    i love the idea of the pictures..i was going to say the same thing before reading the pps lol. can also say a little something about all of them and say how the living grandparent is at home and you know she wishes she could be here with everyone
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    My husband and I had the same issue - we wanted to honor our deceased relatives and also mention his grandmother, who became ill unexpectedly and wasn't able to attend.  We printed the following in our programs:

    "In this time of great joy we pause to remember those who are no longer with us physically, but whose memories and love surround us forever.

    Grandparents of the Bride:

    Grandparents of the Groom:

    We would also like to recognize GRANDMA'S NAME, Grandmother of the Groom, who was unable to travel to be with us today.  We love you, GRANDMA!"
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    Thanks ladies!!! All very wonderful ideas!
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    All of H's grandparents are deceased as well as my paternal grandparents and on the gifts/card table, I displayed all of their wedding photos. It was a wonderful way to acknowledge their presence, pay tribute to them as well. 

    For my paternal grandmother, I actually affixed a mini locket frame picture of her to my bouquet (there's a seller on etsy who does it). It turned out great and meant the world to me that she was there in a sense with me on my special day. It would be a way to set her apart from your deceased grandparents, yet still including her in your wedding. 
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