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Keepsake Garter Bear Poem Help!!

I recently read about a tradition that I want to use in my wedding.  There is a poem that goes along with a Teddy Bear.  You keep your keepsake garter, put it around a bear neck as a necklace or waist as a skirt, and give it to your first child.

Is there anyone out there that has or can find the poem that goes along with it?
I cant find it anywhere without having to buy the bear and garter (which I already have both of)


Re: Keepsake Garter Bear Poem Help!!

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    Does anyone know the REAL, and very sweet poem that goes along with the bear?


  • Options poems WERE real.  I wrote them myself.  That makes them real.
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    actually, the "tradition" is that a bear is given to an baby girl with a NEW blue garter around it's neck.  When that baby girl gets married she wears the blue garter as her something old and somethng new.  I wouldn't say it's much of a tradition, though - I'd never heard of it until this post and had to google to find out what you're talking about.  Why don't you just buy one if you want the poem?  They're only $16.
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