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Gifts to Parents/"bridal party"

Not sure if this is the place for my two-part question, but here goes.
Our wedding ceremony will be private including only us, our officiant, and eleven guests with a celebration at a later date with friends/family. My MOH and his best man will not actually be standing up with us, purchasing special attire, or throwing any of the traditional parties (showers, etc). They will be our official witnesses and sign our marriage certificate. Do we give them gifts? FI says no, but it doesn't feel right to me to give them nothing.

Part 2: FMIL will be addressing the invitations to the wedding celebration. She does calligraphy so they'll be pretty :). I'd like to give her a small token of thanks (again FI says no, but I think we should). Any ideas? She doesn't drink so wine is a no-go. She doesn't need anything (the woman is a shopaholic). I'm stumped and FI is giving no help because he thinks these gifts are not necessary. As a side note, we are planning to give photo albums to both his parents and my mom after the wedding and I've been working on a scrapbook for my mom as a special present just for her. I appreciate any advice.

Re: Gifts to Parents/"bridal party"

  • For FMIL, how about a beautiful framed photo of the two of you (engagement picture) with a personal message written on the back?  I am a sucker for sentimental items.  I think a small gift for the people standing for you is a kind gesture and would be greatly appreciated.  What about a gift certificate for each of them to take their significant others?  Guys never seem to think gifts are necessary lol, at least my fiance thinks that way : )  Good luck!
  • Does FMIL have a favorite restaurant or something? You could give her a gift card or take her out to dinner yourself. My own mom doesn't like getting physical gifts, but she loves any excuse to spend time together.
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  • Thanks ladies... noted. I've got a little time yet to decide so I'll keep these suggestions in mind.
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