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Is my grandfather an officiant?

I'm writing up our programs right now.  My grandfather performing/saying about 1/5th of the wedding ceremony, so is he considered an officiant, although he's not certified/ordained/whatever the case is, or is he considered a reader? Or is there another name?

And: He's a Dr.
When I put his name on the programs, I write it as Dr. Bob Smith, right? 

Re: Is my grandfather an officiant?

  • Your "officiant" must be registered with your state before he can marry anyone.  Is your grandfather?
  • You can call him a reader, or a host, if you wanted.  However, as PP's have said, the officiant is the person who signs your marriage license and makes you married.  If you wanted that to be your grandfather, it could be, but he would have to become ordained (that varies in difficulty by state).  If he wanted to become ordained and be your officiant, it's pretty inexpensive to do here:

  • It's much too late to do that! The wedding is in a couple days :)
    He isn't ordained... we thought about doing it, but it seemed too complicated and my FILs wanted their pastor to do the ceremony, so they split it up between the two of them.

    I'm calling him a reader.
    Thank you!
  • It's actually not too late (again, depending on the state like PP said) if you are able to do it through the Universal Life Church.  It takes like 5 minutes.
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