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Which do you see more often: the bridesmaids walking down the aisle by themselves, with the groomsmen already at the front, or the groom being alone at the front with the groomsmen walking the bridesmaids down? My fiance mentioned something about not standing up there alone, but I don't know if people ever really have the groomsmen start out at the front with them.
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Re: Wedding Party Entrance

  • I'm having all my bridesmaid walk down alone. Every wedding I've been to has had the groomsman at the front waiting while the bridesmaid walk alone, then they walk back during the recessional together. It's really up to you, though. I think either way would be fine.
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  • pgcppgcp member
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    If your fiance doesn't want to be standing alone, then have the gm with him.  Easy, simple, there you go!
  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    Either way.

    My FI will be walking in after the grandparents/parents are seated.  He will walk in with the pastor and stand at the front with him, then the GM-BM pairs will come in together immediately after.
  • We had my H start at the front (his choice) and the the GMs walked in, followed by the BMs. The BMs then walked out first, followed by the GMs.
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  • I've generally always seen the GM escort the BM down the aisle, but I've also seen a couple where the BM walked alone.  It really doesn't matter either way.  Just do what suits you and your WP best....
  • jemmini6- I loooove Cabo AND I think we are going to be moving to Phoenix next summer. Great minds think alike :)

    Thank you to everyone for your input! I think we decided to just have him walk down right before the bridesmaids and groomsmen do :)
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  • Every wedding i've been in and been to I've seen the GM/BM walk together. Although, our GM will be seating the parents/GPs. After they sit them, FI will walk up with the pastor (his uncle), the GM will walk down behind him. Then the bridesmaids then ME! :)
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  • Why not ask your WP? Do they know each other?
  • I think traditionally the groomsmen always stood with the groom at the front. Nowadays, people are changing traditions all the time to meet their needs, so you should do whatever makes him comfortable.
  • As PP have said, it's a personal choice and you should do what suits you best. There is no "wrong" way. BM's are walking alone because the girls don't know the GM that well, so I didn't want to force them linking arms and walking down the aisle together because it would be uncomfortable. Plus, one of the GM is married, but it he would not be escorting his wife (she's not a BM). I think that would go against etiquette for him to escort another woman whom he doens't know.
  • I've seen it done both ways. For our wedding only the best man was standing with DH at the front so each of the GM's escorted a BM down the aisle, but my MOH walked by herself since the best man was already up front.
  • I didn't realize it wasn't proper etiquette to have a married man walk with someone else... There are only 2 out of 8 in our wedding party who aren't married.
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  • Our bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in together.

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  • I have never seen them walk in together.  The guys were always up front and the girls walked in alone, but they walked out together.  I didn't know you couldn't have a married man 'escort" another woman.  We are having several get togethers before the wedding so that the whole wedding party knows each other (not the case when we started).  My girls now all know each other and communicate alot.  All the guys already knew each other.  Now we are just working on getting everyone to know each other.

    But do what feels right for you!
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Wedding Party Entrance</a>:
    [QUOTE]I didn't realize it wasn't proper etiquette to have a married man walk with someone else... There are only 2 out of 8 in our wedding party who aren't married.
    Posted by kac12170[/QUOTE]

    <div>I'm not sure that this is accurate. It's not like they're paired off for the entire night - they're just walking together during the ceremony. If someone tells you they're uncomfortable linking arms with someone they don't know/aren't married to, you can deal with that as it comes, but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it being improper. </div><div>
    </div><div>As for the original question - I've seen it done both ways, but most of the weddings I've been to (and all of the weddings I've been in) have had the groomsmen waiting at the front with the groom and the BMs walking in alone. Then after the ceremony they leave in pairs. I think it's fine to do it either way - and if it's a regional thing, well, I'm in St. Louis, too, and the weddings I've been to/in have mostly been in MO. </div>
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    Most of the weddings I've been to, the girls have walked down the aisle alone while the groomsman are standing up with the groom. However, I was in a wedding where the guys escorted us down the aisle and it was much less awkward than walking down the aisle alone! For our wedding, the guys will be escorting the girls down the aisle. 
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  • My FI is walking in with his BM and they'll wait as the grandparents/parents process and then the bms & gms together... my MOH will go in on her own just before me =)

    but i've seen it done a ton of different ways, so i don't really think it matters. you just gotta figure out what works for you!

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  • I have seen it both ways and both ways it looks great! At my wedding, the church had two entrances so we have the groomsmen come through one entrance and the bridesmaids through another and they met at a central point and walked the rest of the way together down the aisle.

  • I've only ever seen the best man stand up front w/ the Groom, at the other GM walk a bridesmaid down, except the MOH who walks alone. That's also how we'll have our wedding procession as well. However, I know some religions, cultures, etc do it differently. So its really up to you two which you prefer.
  • I've mostly seen BMs walking alone.
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  • I'm thinking of having it start with FI walking and seating our moms (since both are divorced) then standing at the altar. BM and GM walking together after, than me.

    But I haven't run it by him yet. I figure we have a little time.
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  • I've been in a bunch of wedding and most of them I've walked down alone with all the groomsmen down the alise already.  Thats how i'm planning on doing for my wedding.  If you do want the groomsman to walk down with the bridesmaids, you can do all except the maid of honor would walk alone and the best man stand with the groom so he's not alone.  I really don't think it matters tho
  • I've seen it done both ways.  If you need a compromise... one of my friends had the best man stand with the groom.  The Matron of Honor walked down alone after the rest of the GM/BM walked down together.  Then came the flower girls and the bride with her father. 
  • I have been in a wedding where the groomsmen walked with the bridesmaids and one where the bridesmaids walked in alone. I was personally more comfortable walking in with the groomsmen (more for moral support but it was nice to know someone would catch you should you trip or be sure you walked at the right time)
  • I'm having the groomsmen walk with the bridesmaids, but I've seen it done the other way too.  If your bridesmaids are wearing stilletos, they probably want the support :)
  • Make sure you check with the church you are marrying at.  We chose to have all the guys up front and the girls walk alone then have them walk out together (very traditional)  well the traditional catholic church no longer allows this...the guys have to escort the girls down the to us a few weeks before the we had to change things up last minute so we never had a choice in the first place UGH!  Guess we should have checked first!!
  • We're going to have FH walk his mom and dad in, then my two brothers escort my mom, then bridesmaid and groomsman x2, MOH and BM, then my dad and I.

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