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Thursday Wedding

Our wedding is on a Thursday. It was the only way to be able to barter some of the cost with the venue. The contract is signed. This is the day.

I am just nervous that our attendance is going to be super low.

Has anyone here ever had their wedding on an unconventional day?

Re: Thursday Wedding

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    I think that unless all of your guest are coming from out of town or its the middle of the day... people will show up... If its at 7:30-midnight... I see no problem... 
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    I think if you keep it late enough, like a 7 or 7:30 ceremony, your in town guests should be ok.  Just be prepared for a lot of them to take off early as they'll likely have to work the next day.  If I were invited to a Thursday wedding I'd want to be home by 11 at the latest, probably earlier than that.
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    I've been to a few Sunday weddings, and had to leave early in order to get myself home in time to go to work the next day.  But if the Friday after your wedding isn't a work day, then this shouldn't be a problem.

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    I think as long as it is late (~7:30pm or so) then your in-town guests will be fine.  They won't be partying until midnight, though.

    Your out of town guests will probably not make it.  Are you okay with that?

    We're having a Thursday wedding...however, it's a destination wedding and we're all on vacation from Tuesday - Sunday.
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    As long as you don't have a lot of out of town guests and you realize that most of them will decline, you should be fine. As PP's said, make sure you have a late start time and you don't expect them to stay up until midnight since most people will probably still have to work the next day.
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    mine is on a tuesday in october at is about 3hours from where most of our friends and family are.we decided that as long as our parents are there it doesnt matter.we picked a weekday due to the price also
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    As a guest (that's not OOT) I would say... 

    Please make it later than usual (7-7:30) & please don't make it too far away (less than an hour drive.. or else I would have to leave the reception earlier that I plan to). And not many people have Thursday weddings, so I would try to stay "late" since it's a rare ocassion. [: 

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    I'm getting married on a Thursday to accomodate my parents.  They are combining our wedding with Mom's family reunion (MO to NC to FL.)  We checked with everyone we wanted to attend and most of them are planning on coming.  We also invited people from different workplaces to make it easier for one or two to get off.  I was unable to invite my entire team because we really can't tell UNC Hospitals that the Plastics/Burn OR team is taking the afternoon off for a wedding.  FI is only inviting three from his office.

    The best thing about a Thursday wedding?  I don't have to fight for vendors.  We are going pretty simple, so not many vendors, but it's been so easy to plan.
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    If I was coming in from OOT, I wouldn't have a problem staying late since I would probably be there the rest of the weekend.

    If I was in town, I would honestly leave around 10 (if I had a drive home that was < 30 min); b/c I shower at night since I don't have time in the a.m.

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    Mine is Thursday as well and a DW to boot.  I gave guests almost 8 months notice (well, the ones that I REALLY wanted there) and when everyone else found out, they've all said they'll be there... 

    We'll see though, because my problem is, apparently school will be starting around that time and a lot of them have got kids.
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