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Minister performing ceremony in a church other than his own?

I have a friend who is a minister and would like him to marry us, but I am not getting married close to home.  There is a beautiful church close to the reception center that I am interested in, but would like my minister to marry us.  Is this acceptable?

Re: Minister performing ceremony in a church other than his own?

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    Ask the church and the minister an do not pressure the minister if he's uncomfortable. The only reason I wouldn't ask I think would be if they were different religions.
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    What stage said. It shouldn't be a problem, but a few phone calls and checking around may be required first. I know we got married in a Catholic church and if you want to use a different priest they will generally let you as long as things are arranged ahead of time.
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    Many chuches will allow someone other than the pastor of the church to preside but they will also require that their pastor participate and you will have to a fee for their pastor, the use of their church (which could include using their organist or other musician, maintenance staff, etc). 

    The only way you'll know is to call the church you are interested in and ask them. Or attend church services there for a few weeks and then contact them.
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