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Did/will you change your name?

Did you change your name when you got married? Are you planning to? Why or why not? 

I haven't decided if I want to change my name or not and would love to hear other bride's thoughts.

Re: Did/will you change your name?

  • I am changing my name. I am the only daughter and the last in my family line, but both our names are simple and easy to say. My name is a big part of my identity (my great-grandfather helped found the town we live in and my parents live on our original homestead). My H and I will be a family unit and I am changing my name immediately, even though I will still have one more semester until I graduate from university when I change my name. I guess it's different since I havn't accomplished anything yet.
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  • I'm changing my name. I'm perfectly happy getting rid of my Maiden name.  And hyphenating is NOT an option. So, as soon as I'm married, I will be Mary Olsen. And I'm pretty proud of it.
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  • Nope. Not allowed in my religion. Children are named patronymically (father's name) and that's a mark to their genetic line. For granted, I kind of wish my children could have my name sometimes, but I honestly don't mind for the most part since... again... in my religion if my children had my name it'd appear as if my husband and I were related. And "ew" to that thought.
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