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What kind of favors?

If you are doing favors, what kind are you doing and what is the average price per person. I know they aren't required and a lot of people aren't going to do them, but just looking for some cute ideas in case. Thanks in advance! :)

Re: What kind of favors?

  • Check out the favors board for tons of great ideas.

    We're doing chocolate hearts in our wedding colors.  I'm making them myself.  These will be under $1 per person.
  • I didn't know there was a favors board. I'm new. lol. Thanks!
  • We're doing three lindt truffles in small boxes from Michael's.  We got the truffles from a Lindt outlet store, so they were very inexpensive.  We made favors for under 75 cents each.
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  • We're doing little boxes of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans (Our favorite candy). We ordered the candy in bulk from the Jelly Belly website and got boxes from

    Ours are going to work out to be around $1.50 per guest. It was a little more than what we wanted to spend, but we really liked the idea and it wasn't so much more extra that we had to cut from other areas of the budget to do it, so I'm happy.

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  • I am making wine charms for each guest. I got some of the materials for free or at cost/bulk because I work for a woman who owns a bead store. Well it's closing now, but I got a lot of help from her for materials.  It's probably more per person than I'd like, but oh well, I have most of the stuff now so I'll just do it!
  • We did bud vases per couple which come out to $2.50pp, and a box of jelly bellys per person which was maybe $1pp with all of the packaging.
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