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remembering deceased loved ones, wedding photos

I love the idea of displaying parents and grandparents wedding day photos at the reception, both to honour their marriages as well to remember those who may have passed.  However, my parents separated when I was a twelve, and my dad died a few years later.  My mother is in a long term relationship, but not remarried.  Is it in bad taste to display my parents wedding pic? My FI's dad is also deceased, looking for another or additional way to honour our dads, I plan to get a bouquet charm made with a pic of my dad and I.

Re: remembering deceased loved ones, wedding photos

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    You should ask the surviving spouses how they feel about it and act accordingly.
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    I would not recommend doing the wedding pictures mainly because your mom is another relationship. 

    You have many options to honor both your dad and your FI's dad.  I have several ideas as well as cautions about "memorials" in my bio under "In Memory of".  The charm on your bouquet would be beautiful.
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    Thank you all for your input! 
    TiffannieF I will check that out - I 've seen some other posts with suggestions and I definetly will not be doing any empty chairs at the ceremony or any of that business! My dad has been gone for 17 years this February, and my FI's dad nearly 31 years (He and my FMIL were never married so there is no photo like that to include).  So while the grief never goes away, I feel it's not quite as sombre of a memorial than say if they had passed more recently (I hope that doesn't sound cold, what I mean is we have all become accustomed to him not being there for the 'big' events).I want to honour him, along with our living and deceased grandparents 
     I love the look of the old wedding photos, so classic, and while I care how my mom feels (of course I would check with her, I would need to get the photo FROM her) I could care less how her SO feels I'm sorry to say.  The way I see it (perhaps selfishly) is that my brother, sister and I are products of that marriage, and so while it ended, it is still a marriage to be honoured in my opinion.
    Squarepeg72: That is a beautiful idea, perhaps I can find a way to adapt it to suit and make a meaningful tribute! 
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    Well we have a digital picture frame and are doing this. My mom died and dad remarried, I am limiting the pictures of them. But we are including other people- even my stepmoms dad. So I am sure she she will see its ok. I mean it's. It like my mom coming back.
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    Although this was not an issue for my wedding, just personal preference, I opted to shrink photos of my late grandparents and uncle and my fiance's late grandfathers and uncle and put them in frame charms and wear them on a charm bracelet.  My mindset was I wanted them to be there and be a part of the wedding, but no reason for everyone to look at their pictures out on display and A) wander who they are, and B) feel sad.  Plus, they have the best seat in the house!  What better place than just to the left of the bride and groom!  :-)  Plus, its such a nice keepsake that I can later wear to family functions and pass down to my daughter, if I ever have one.
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    RetreadBride, Thanks, my fiance and I are having a VERY DIY wedding, so I made the bracelet myself, which was a lot of fun!  BTW, I love "Steel Magnolias"!  You're quote is awesome!
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    Katie, Great idea about the bracelet. It is more important to me to remember them than to my guests, who may not know who they are. Thanks! Ticker
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:36Discussion:73b906cc-524b-4d05-a1f9-4861cf51fce6Post:295b0ffc-2eb9-419c-95bf-1b8b37c4f839">Re: remembering deceased loved ones, wedding photos</a>:
    [QUOTE]I think it would be lovely to see a picture that had you and your dad together at the wedding. That would be the most touching thing for me.
    Posted by matcha[/QUOTE]

    I agree. My father passed away 5 years ago, but I have a picture of him and I when I was very young dancing at my uncles wedding. Since I'm skipping the father daughter dance, I am going to place that picture out at the reception.
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