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Moms A Problem

Me and my mother dont get along. I have two siblings that I talk to and would love to include them in my wedding however due to the fact we dont get along I dont think my mother will let them. Any ideas

Re: Moms A Problem

  • First of all, how old are the siblings? If they are over 18, they can decide for themselves. According to your bio, your wedding isn't until 2014, so that is plenty of time for you two to work on and improve your relationship. Regardless of being siblings, it is way too early to choose your wedding party now anyway.

  • Between now and then, try to make peace with your mom through small acts, even if it's a birthday card, or an e-mail, etc.  Ignoring her or cutting her out may temporarily neutralize the pain, but ultimately, it doesn't create family peace.  You will need this peace for your wedding and for your future life with your FI.
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