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Father (and Mother) walking bride down aisle?

I had always envisioned my father walking me down the aisle.  We are very close and I look forward to having this moment with him.  My parents are divorced and both have been remarried for several years.  Recently, my mother asked if he would be walking me down the aisle, or both of them.   I told her that I hadn't thought about her walking with us, and she indicated that it is something she would enjoy, but understood whatever decision I make.   I would much rather it just be my father and myself, but don't want my mother to feel left out.  Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could incorporate my mother into the ceremony in some other capacity.  Keep in mind that I also have a stepmother and stepfather, both of which I would have no problem involving also.  Not a church ceremony.  Please help! Undecided
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Re: Father (and Mother) walking bride down aisle?

  • Well if you only want your father to walk you down the aisle that's fine. Maybe you can just have your mother walk down the aisle with her husband?
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  • why don'y you just have your mom walk in with the groom's father?? 
    That's what most people do anyway...

    groom walks in with his mom
    your mom walks in with his dad. 
    you walk in with your dad. 
    and your stepparents walk in together....

    is that weird? 
    I think it could work
  • If you have a brother he could walk your mother down the isle... 
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  • You could have your FI's dad walk her down or she could walk down alone. its your wedding so its whatever you and your FI want.

    My FI and Myself :)
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