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Walking Down the Aisle

I've read so many posts on here about walking down the aisle. My dad and I talk only on holidays and birthdays. He just recently came back into my life and is helping my mom and my step dad pay for the wedding. I can't ask my dad to walk me down the aisle because he really hasn't been there. But I didn't want to ask my step dad either, so I didn't hurt my father. So, I am asking my biological brother and my step brother. They then can represent my dad and step dad. I was thinking of having my mom, dad, and stepdad stand up at the end of the aisle and "give me away", but I just might let my brothers do that too. Both my dad and stepdad will have a father/daughter dance of their own. Opinions?
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Re: Walking Down the Aisle

  • Sounds fine to me.  This is one of those things where it's really your choice.
  • Sounds fine to me, too.  I'd probably skip the 'giving away' part, unless you really want to include it.
  • Why not have your mom walk you down the aisle since (I assume) she has been there for you and you are biologically related.  This should elimate anyone's feeling from getting hurt.
  • I 2nd the mom idea. 
  • I'm walking down the aisle alone.

    I have no dad and I had been wracking my brain trying to decide who would walk me. I had several options:

    My Man-of-Honor since he has known the two of us the longest and had supported us the most - but then my brothers might feel bad.
    Or my mom - but if I had someone walk me, I'd prefer for it to be a guy.
    Or one of my brothers who grew up separate from me, but recently came back into my life - but which since I have 3?Mostly likely the middle brother cause he's the closest to us, but then the other 2 might get upset.

    I couldn't figure out which would cause the least amount of hurt feelings, so I decided to walk alone.

    I like your idea of your bio-bro and step-bro to represent both dads. That's sweet.

    The whole "who gives this woman" thing makes me cringe. We're not having that at our ceremony.
  • I'm having my mom and stepdad walked me down the aisle, then my dad meet me near the middle (towards the end) and give me away. I also considered walking down alone. I think whatever works for you!!! The brother/stepbrother thing is a nice idea. Why don't you get the fathers boutonnieres or something so they feel that you thought of them? 
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  • I had my brother walk me down the aisle since I did not have a good relationship with my dad but I think you can do any of the options presented.  I love my mom but I didn't want her to walk me down the aisle (she's too emotional and I was working hard to hold it together myself).  Remember this is your day and what you want is what matters!  Blessings to ya!
  • I am having my stepdad walk me 2/3 of the way to my biological dad and he will walk me the rest of the way and give me away... I couldn't stand for either of them to not be a part of it, and this was the solution that they both agreed on...
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