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Estranged Father?

My father and I are estranged and he will not be present at my wedding. Is it appropraite to have an uncle or even my mom walk me down the aisle? Can I walk by myself? And what about traditional dances? I don't mind skipping them, but will it be awkward?

Re: Estranged Father?

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    I think it's perfectly fine to have an uncle or mom walk you down the aisle.  You could even walk yourself down.

    I also want to invite you to the option of walking down the aisle with your FI.  Actually, this is what Catholic bishops suggest to Catholic couples, since the Rite of Marriage calls that both bride and groom mutually, freely, and equally must enter marriage together and administer the Sacrament to each other.  Having said that, this doesn't mean all Catholic Masses require brides and grooms to walk down the aisle together.  But it is a suggestion.  Same to you: regardless if your ceremony is Catholic or not, if you like this idea, maybe consider this?
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  • Skipping dances won't be awkward at all, don't worry. You can have anyone walk you down the aisle. I would probably want to walk down by myself.

  • My wife and I walked down the aisle together.  But there really are no rules about who must walk you down.  It could be a relative (male or female), or you could walk yourself down, or the groom could walk with you.
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    My father wasn't at my wedding, and my grandpa (who practically raised me, and who I'm very close to) gave me away. It's perfectly acceptable to have a close relative (male or female) walk you down the aisle.

    You could also, as PPs have said, walk down the aisle alone, or with your FI.
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  • That is perfectly fine to have uncle, mom or yourself walk down the aisle! I plan to have both my mother and myfather because my mother is the one who raised me :)
  • My father died a few years ago. I will be walking by my self down the aisle and during the first dance we will be splitting the song in half for the mother/son dance and my future father in law will dance with me.. making it a combo first dance/.mother&son dance. i thnk its a compromise and it will cut some of the slow personal dancing to a minimum so we can get to the fun everyone dancing which in my opinion is the best part 
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