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yay or nay for Weekday weddings?


Re: yay or nay for Weekday weddings?

  • I've attended a Monday wedding, and it wasn't a problem.  HOWEVER, the venue was only about an hour from where I live/work.  I left work a little early on Monday and was back in the office late on Tuesday.

    If most of your guests are out of towners, they will need to take at least 2 days off from a 9-5 job.  I would do this for close family/friends, but that's just me.  Just decide what's more important to you: to get married on that specific date or to have as many of your loved ones present, as possible.  Either way, this is YOUR day.  Put yourself first! 
  • One option would be to have a courthouse wedding on that monday, and invite everyone to a reception that following weekend.  The court would just make it legal, no frills, and you can do any religious ceremonies or traditions with your whole family and friends later.  Your anniversay is going be your anniversary for the rest of your lives, the wedding is just one day, so go with the date that is special to you.
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    [QUOTE]Never posted on a discussion board before lol Here is my dilemma... We are considering a monday wedding. i want to get married on my grandparents anniversary, which is monday sept 30th of this year. opinions? Was hoping for both positive and negative input. I have never been to a weekday wedding... not sure how people would react to the idea, especially being within the first month of school for people with children. Almost all of our guests will be traveling between 4 and 12 hours to attend our wedding....  i have gone over the pros and cons but still really want sept 30 to be our date.........
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    Do you WANT people to come to your wedding? If so, don't do a Monday. I wouldn't go to a weekday wedding ever for anyone. It's too hard with work and it's asking an awful lot from your guests.
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    [QUOTE]We, too, are having a weekday wedding. For sentimental reasons, I wanted to get married on the 7th of a month. I REALLY wanted to get married in May, but May 7th falls in the middle of the week. So, we selected a FRIDAY morning wedding. We're having a very small ceremony (only immediate family & very close friends) of about 50, so we know many of those will be attending (we're figuring around 35-40 actual attendees). <strong>Guess we figured if it's a FRIDAY, those nearest and dearest who wanted to attend could schedule off for Friday and then have the whole weekend. </strong>Our wedding is only a 30 to 60 minute drive for the vast majority of our invitees, though. We sent out our save the date cards 9 months out, b/c we realize people who really want to come need time to make arrangements, so I would STRONGLY suggest sending save the dates. Without a doubt, prepare for a large number of declines, but since the date is important to you (and I can certainly understand that), by all means, have at it! Be prepared for the declines, and don't take anyone's inability to attend as a reflection of their love for you or your fiance. :)
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    Wrong. Not everyone can get off from work, whether they want to or not.
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    We are going to do the typical Saturday wedding but we are still considering a Friday wedding too. But on a Monday is simply odd. If you do decide to do it anyway. Good Luck!
  • I think the best compromise would be having a weekday ceremony with whoever can make it, and then a reception later. Maybe a few celebrations before/after so you can do them all small and affordable, but everyone important has a chance to make it too. The pros of weekday weddings are listed pretty thoroughly here. But I can think of a few negatives, too, which the people above me did a good job of listing. Ultimately it's really up to you and when you want your wedding. Just don't expect everyone to be able to come, no matter what date you pick.
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