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Hi there,
I have a different question, I come from latvian heritage, my mother and her siblings were the first people on my grandmama's side to be born in America. From what i understand in latvia there is a tradition where the groomsmen "kidnap" the bride and the groom has to complete tasks to get her back. In latvia it sounds a little.. violent, the bride is usually tied up somewhere and the groom basically drinks his way to her through pubs in town ( this is how i understand it not 100% sure on it).  My parents did it witha  twist at their wedding, my dad had to collect a "ransom" from teh guests to get my mom back.. We were planning to do a dollar dance so the ransom idea seems like too much asking for money for my tastes, but I do want to carry on the tradition... do any of you ladies have ideas on what the groomsmen could have teh groom do that isn't too humiliating, asks money from the guests, or is violent and majorly disruptive, and hopefully wouldn't take him too terribly long to do so that I don't have to be hidden in a closet forver. :) any ideas are soo appreciated so thanks in advance
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