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Stardust vs Becky

I ordered my dress from Stardust bridal, it's the Watters Pasadena.  Even though the dress isn't in yet, since I only have two months until my wedding I wanted to make an appointment to have it tailored.  My jaw hit the floor at the price.  My mom paid a lot more for the dress, than I ever wanted to spend.  I am not asking her for another $550 to get my dress tailored.  This is the breakdown the tailor at SB said I would need; taken in by side seam, bust dart, hemming petticoats, hemming lace, french bustle, sewing bra and adding straps.

Well I did a search and thank you very much Dallas Kotties, Becky Fowlers name came up as the overwhelming favorite.  She is exactly 1/2 the price and she is letting me come in March 10, SB said the latest I could come in was Feb 13 and if I lost any weight and had to have it taken in again there would be a charge.  Well I am on a rapid weight loss plan, so I am happy that I was able to get in with Becky.

Re: Stardust vs Becky

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    Can someone post Becky's contact information?  I found it once in a thread, wrote it down, and promptly lost it.  I find TONS of threads with reference to her, but it's hard to find her actual contact information!  

    TIA =)
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