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Seating Charts?

Is it absolutely ness to have a seating arrangement. At my FI's oldest brothers wedding they didn't have one, just for the WP (I think on here its called the Head Table? Right?) and it seemed to be okay. I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on seating arrangement stuff, and I don't want my wedding to be cookie cutter, organized down to the bone, but I was wondering what the pros and cons of seating arrangments were...
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Re: Seating Charts?

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    I'm a fan.  I like having a place to call home and not have to wander around looking for a place to be.
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    my suggestion is that if you are planning on having more than 4 or 5 tables that you seriously consider going with a seating chart.  the danger of not assigning tables to guests is that you will end up with some tables being over-full, as guests drag additional chairs to their table to accommodate more friends, and others not full leaving guests who know no-one or less people out in the cold at less full tables.  i actually highly highly highly recomend you go to this trouble.  it'll make your guests happy.

    we actually really enjoyed process of assigning tables to guests as we mixed and matched groupings that we thought would really work.  as the organizer of the party you have the overall knowledge of your guest list and can assign seating so that people can meet new folks, feel comfortable sitting with friends, and generally have a good time.  seating assignments are important!  we've had several people talk about how much they liked their tables at our wedding, and we spent considerable time figuring out who would get along best with other folks. we also chose to seat various people closer or further to the head table, which was meaningful as well. 
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    Okay! That makes a lot of sense! I never thought of it that way! Thank you!
    And I guess I should have thoguht about how I felt at FI's brother's wedding, I was soo uncomfortable! I sat with people I didn't even know, because FI was sitting at the head table...

    naomi, you are right I could do it super cheap. I guess I just got caught up in the wedding shopping and looking at things I thought that those were the only way to go.

    Another silly ques, I should wait to make the seating chart until people have RSVP'd right? How long before the wedding should I make the RSVP for? Idk if that made sense...but yeah.. lol.

    :) I loveee this site for all this help!!
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    I got a great deal on some invites so I ordered them kind of early.  I did 4 weeks.  My caterer needs a final number 2 weeks out, so I built it time for the slackers that I am sure I will have to track down for their RSVPs.

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    How far in advance do you have to submit numbers to your venue? Usually they ask for them 10-14 days out. Make your RSVP date at least a week before that, so you can call people who haven't responded. Your RSVP date will end up being about 2-4 weeks before your wedding date.

    You can buy perforated tent cards at Michaels for not very much - just print guests' names and table numbers on them, fold them, and voila - you have escort cards. Set them up on a table in the front of your venue.
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