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traditions, ediquette, blah blah blah........

I am 18 my fiance is 22 we have been together for 5 years and we are pretty far along in life considering where the people are that I graduated with. We are both set in our careers with both having bachelor degrees and we are forced to be proper 40 hrs a week. Do we really need to do all of this "well if your parents are hosting their names go here, but if both are it goes this way." Everytime i start hearing about whats the proper way of doing such small things as an invitation I want to get a ticket to vegas and just elope.

Is there anyone that can give me some advice to find some middle grown, PLEASE?

Some information:
Everyone from my parents, his parents, my sister, our pastor, our friends, BM, MOH, my grandma, aunts, and of course us are paying for this rediculiously huge party of 100ish people to come see me cry when I start reading my vows. No one really more than anyone else. Oh and we aren't paying a dime for the chapel, reception area, or officaints since its going to be in the church I grew up in and my sister is a pastor.

So, yeah what forms of etiquette are not okay to ignore and which are?

Re: traditions, ediquette, blah blah blah........

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    Both my grandmother and mother would not have been able to legally drink at their weddings.  My grandparents were married until my grandmother passed, for over 50 years.  My parents are still married today.

    I don't feel qualified to judge anyone else's readiness to marry, nor would I do so to a complete stranger.  I also would quickly discount the opinion of anyone who tried to tell me I wasn't ready based off of what little they knew from me from an internet forum.

    To the OP - It's obvious there are a lot of family members involved in helping you plan your wedding.  Why not consult them on invitiation wording, etc?  I'm sure they know you and your finace and your guests much better than us.  :)
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