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Extra Position

So I'm getting married in March and have all my bridesmaids picked out, and have since May. Recently my godbrother's girlfriend has become more involved with helping me plan the wedding instead of my bridesmaids (who don't seem to be interested). As a result she and I have gotten much closer, though I've always loved her.
We don't plan on having any readings at our wedding, and we have my neice/ SIL watchig over the guest book...

So my question is, is there any other position I could give her? My mom says its too late to ask her to be a bridesmaid, but I am really regretting not having done it back in May.

Thanks for all the ideas in advance!

Re: Extra Position

  • Oh they're not going to. They just bought a house together and are talking about getting engaged. But she'd still be a friend.
  • You missed the point of the question.

    Nonetheless, I agree with your mom that it is too late to ask her.  She'll know she's a new addition, and she'll feel like it was only because she has offered to help.  

    After the wedding, send her a nice thank you note or gift and let her know how much you appreciate her volunteering to help you.  
  • Ummm ... no disrespect toward your mother, but September is not too late to ask someone to be a bridesmaid for a March wedding.  Many people plan fabulous weddings in less time.  If you want this friend to be an attendant, just have a conversation with her about it. 

    You can start with ... You know, it's meant so much to me that you have been helping out with the wedding planning ... add the words from your original post.  Tell her you realize that it's not usual to ask one person later than the others, but if she would like to be a bridesmaid, you would be honored.  Be clear that it's not a requirement and you'd be fine with a "yes" or "no" response.

    Take it from there.
  • I agree with Lisa.  If I were  your godbrother's girlfriend and you told me that you feel that we've grown closer during this time and blah blah blah, I would say yes.    It would only be a bad thing if someone had dropped out and you decided to replace her.  If you explain yourself there's no need to be offended.  ( I actually kind of did this with my brother's FI; I asked her like 2 weeks after my other friends and we even had a cry about the fact that we were getting close and she was going to be family, etc.)
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    It's not boring for a 3 year old, who is so excited to have something to do in my wedding. I agree people know how to do it, but I personally feel it's an ok job for a child.

    I decided to have my friend read the traditional irish blessing, since we're getting married on St. Pattys day. I didn't want to do that at first but it seemed like a cool idea.

    Anyways, thanks for the ideas everyone! Happy planning!

  • How much music are you incorporating in your wedding?  Is she at all musical?  This might not apply for you, but here's an idea I'm thinking about.  We are having a small wedding party, my 2 best friends, and his best friend standing up for us.  I have 2 sisters and he has 1, and I want to include them all since they are an important part of the family.  I'm thinking of asking 2 of them to do readings, and one to accompany the pianist during the lighting of the unity candle.  Again, this might not be relevant at all, but it's an idea to run with.  
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