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How many toasts is acceptable?

One of my 2 MOHs will toast, as will the Best Man; however, my father is an amazing public speaker and I would love him to toast as well.  Too much toast?

Re: How many toasts is acceptable?

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    Yup.  IMO, it's too many.  I think 2 is just fine, personally.  If you absolutely MUST have more, let's just hope that the speakers keep it very, very short.

    At a family member's wedding, the FOB spoke.  Then the MOG, then the Best Man, then the MOH.  Then EVERY BM and then EVERY GM.  By the time it got to the BM and GM, people had just stopped listening and returned to their conversations.  Awkward!!

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    At my wedding the MOH and BM gave a toast. 

    Then my dad thanked everyone for coming, welcomed H to the family, and said a prayer before the meal. 
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    We had three -- H's two brothers and my sister all gave very short toasts.  If the speeches are short, I think you're fine.  But you don't the speeches to go on forever.

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    FOB toasts the guests, Best Man toasts the new couple and the groom toasts his bride.

    That's enough, really
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    Maybe it's just where I come from (MN/ND), but I've never been to a wedding without hearing from the FOB, MOH and Best Man. Especially when the parents of the bride traditionally pay for the wedding - he should get to toast. Generally, I'd assume the FOB would do a "welcome toast". then the MOH and BM during dinner, and the groom or bride might give a thank you at the end of the meal before the dance.
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    Magdala9Magdala9 member
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    No.  I had five.  2 MOHs, 2 BMs and Dad.  Dad really wanted to toast my wedding and he did the most amazing job.   I asked each to keep it short since they were 1 of 5.    Give your Dad that opportunity to show off how much he loves you. 
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    traditionally, if the FOB paid for the wedding he gave the first toast.

    tehn, the best man usually gives a toast.

    ive never see the groom toast his bride, and i've only see the MOH toast at maybe 50% of the weddings i've been too. 

    toasts can also be given the night prior at the RD.
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    I think as long as the toasts are to the point and heartfelt (and not too long) you can do a few of them. I'm going to be doing BM, MOH, my uncle saying a thank you (in lieu of fob) and mom saying a short prayer. it also helps if people have food and drink in front of them while people are talking so they aren't distracted by hunger!
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    Three is totally fine, you just might want to let them know to keep it a little short.  I've been to weddings where there three or more toasts.
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    Not at all! It is traditional for your dad to say something, especially since your parents are traditionally the hosts of the event (if they are paying for it). In fact, sometimes the grooms dad and/or mom will say something as well.
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    I've always seen the FOB say SOMETHING, a thank you at least. MOH and BM are traditionally supposed to as well. I haven't always seen the groom say something, but it is a nice touch.
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    My reply was what is stated in E. Post weddings.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: How many toasts is acceptable?</a>:
    [QUOTE]FOB toasts the guests, Best Man toasts the new couple and the groom toasts his bride. That's enough, really
    Posted by ootmother2[/QUOTE]
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    I'm having three. My MaidOH, my MatronOH, the Best Man, and my Father-In-Law, although his will be more like a blessing.

    It's your wedding, do what you want. 
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    gundy21gundy21 member
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    We had the BM and MOH do toasts.  My parents, his parents, and we did thank yous and a short "welcome to the family".  My parents and I paid for the wedding (except the RD - hosted by ILs).
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