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Distant work friend invites

This may be a strange question. Have you ever received an invite from a distant work friend? I have a few work friends from years ago. We used to be very close but of course when we all left that company we didn’t see each other very often. We would make a point of getting together once a year. My question is I’m having a small wedding, around 60 guests so pretty much everyone is close to us, though I would love for them to be there but would they find it weird that I invited them since we don’t talk much anymore? One of them actually got married and had 200 people at their wedding but didn’t invite anyone from the old group.

Re: Distant work friend invites

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    I would not find it all if an old work friend, who I was no longer in touch with, invited me to their wedding of only 60 people.  Nor would I find it odd if I WASN'T invited.

    If you want them there, and have room in your budget and venue, then invite them.  Don't do it to "boost your numbers"  (not saying that you are, but I have seen people on TK asking about tihs). 
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    Yeah, I wouln't find it odd either way (inviting them or not). You were close with them, so it is completely your call.  If you want to invite them, then do it. If they can, I'm sure they will come. Just don't take any offensive if they decline (you have no idea if they are busy or anything).

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