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Mother/ daugther dance...?

My dad passed away a long time ago and my mother is my best friend.  I KNOW she wants to have a mother daughter dance to a song that means a lot to her (that she once put in a collage of for me).  In a way, I don't want it to be "weird" (people not even paying attention as we dance to a slow song) but it means so much to her, that I'll do it.  So, today I had an idea that might make me feel more comfortable!  The venue has a big screen we can use.  Would it be acceptable to make a slideshow for her (and my fiance for his mom) of lots of old pictures that will play ALONG with the song?  Then, I'll feel like less eyes are on me and it might be a nice surprise, or is that wrong (taking the eyse off of us)?  Has anyone had slideshows playing in the background while they were dancing (not of us as a couple - we don't want that!)?

Re: Mother/ daugther dance...?

  • I think it's a beautiful idea with or without the slideshow

  • I think the slide show will help with keeping the attention off of you. I once saw a mother/daughter/sister dance where the three of them all danced in a circle- was a little out of the ordinary- but to each their own.
  • My Mom is walking me down the aisle and she is my MOH...I can't wait to have our mother-daughter dance! I just haven't came up with a song yet, I am thinking Mama by the Spice Girls but I have a few more weeks to figure it out! I like the idea of a slideshow though!

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  • Thanks, ladies.  My mom loves "In my daughter's eyes," so it's more her song from her to me.  If I had my choice, I'd pick "Mama's song" by Carrie Underwood.  I think it's such a great song from mother to daughter.
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