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first dance - lessons...

hi! so we are taking professional dancing lessons to prep for our first dance b/c we basically suck at slow dancing.  my question - did any brides who had lessons (or didnt but did actually do more than a two-step) for their first dance change dress or shoes?  i wont have a long train or anything, and there is a bustle, just wondering...

i mean i watch dancing with the stars and see they have shoes, lightweight outfit etc, i mean clearly we won't be moving like THAT sure i am just overthinking this.  they way i seem to do everything now that we are in the 2 month stretch.
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Re: first dance - lessons...

  • I think you're overthinking this.  Have fun practicing.  :)
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    FI and I have been taking lessons since May.
    We're having a beach wedding so for the reception well be in flip flops, which donot lend themselves to be great dancing shoes.
    We went and found flats that our feet will stay in that match our clothing for the wedding.  We'll just slip into them before our dance and out of them afterwards.

    Try to find shoes that you all can dance in for the wedding sooner rather than later so you can practice in them during your lessons...breaking them in essentially.

    As for the size of your dress, talk w/ your instructor about what your dress is like and they'll be able to work w/ you as your wedding date gets closer on how to be able to dance once your in your gown (if its a poofy one).

    Have fun w/ your lessons...I love them, FI not so much but he puts in a good effort for me.   :)
  • Just practice dancing in your wedding shoes.  I bought heels for the wedding, and we'll be practicing our dances in them.  We took one swing class together, since FI hasn't ever danced (I have, so it was frustrating for me to have to wait for him to catch on to how to dance properly).  We're doing swing for our first dance, and then we're also doing a waltz later on (everyone can dance to the waltz, it's not a spotlight). I also have to teach my Dad how to swing when I go back home as well...again, all of this will be with heels on, so that I get used to it.
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  • thanks, im going to take my wedding shoes when our lessons start - i think im just nervous b/c i pretty much suck at dancing :)
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  • Yeah, it's understandable.  Besides, I think before the wedding is when we all start worrying about silly things. 
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  • i am a salsa dj and dancer, so i have some experience with dance clothing and shoes my new husband and i took a few lessons for our first dance waltz, i practiced in my shoes, and we were all set for our first dance. what we didn't thnk about was whether i could move in my dress without stepping on it-it bustled, so we assumed it'd be fine. luckily we did a practice dance before our guests arrived at the reception site-i wound up having to unbustle my dress and drape it over my arm to dance without slipping on its beading. the moral of this story is to take your dress for a test drive even the day of to get comfortable with how it moves. you shouldn't have to change though :)
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