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"Something Old"

Had a quick question--my grandmother gave me her engagement ring and wedding band (without big center diamond which she had had switched to the ring she wears now many years ago) and told me I could melt down the gold and take the little diamonds to make a wedding band for myself. So my question is this, would that band count as my "something old" as it is made from old gold and diamonds from my grandmother's band?

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Re: "Something Old"

  • Works for me! And very cool idea, by the way!
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    I did something similar for both my daughter and FDIL. I used the diamonds and other gemstones from my mom's jewelry to make earrings for my daughter, and a ring for my FDIL. I felt that the pieces not only "qualified" as their "something old", but also as their "something new" since the jewelry was new for them.
  • Awesome! Thank you for the reassurance. I definitely wanted to do the whole "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" but I wasn't sure what to incorporate as "old" since we don't really have any wearable family heirlooms. Now I feel better about it, thanks!
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  • Sure, I think that sounds great!  And really sweet of her to offer it to you.
  • At my shower my FMIL gifted me a necklace, the chain belonged to her mother and the pendant she bought for me. the chain is my something old, the pendant my something new, my FI bought me sapphire and diamond earrings a matching bracelet as my something blue and I have a sixpence from the year my english grandmother was born, for my shoe, I'm sitll working on something borrowed though.
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