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No wedding band?

My FH gave me a beautiful, lovely engagement ring I'm crazy about, in the style of Princess Diana's (I'm old enough that it's still her ring to me, though Kate wears it now, lol). I love it and wear it all the time. We just can't decide what to do about a wedding band, though. Nothing pre-made seems to fit exactly, around the center sapphire, and getting a custom-made band is cost prohibitive just now.

I'm thinking of just foregoing the wedding band. Is this unheard of? I love my engagement ring, and the band is honestly an afterthought, and we can't find a good solution anyhow. Thoughts?
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Re: No wedding band?

  • It's not uheard of.  A lot of people just wear their engagement ring after getting married.

    Have you considered getting a plain band, even if it doesn't fit around your e-ring?  That way you could wear it by itself on days when you just don't feel like wearing a lot of bling.  On days when you DO want the bling, you can wear the e-ring with no band, or move the band to the other hand, or the e-ring to the other hand.   (caution: make sure your ring fingers are the same size on both right/dominant hand is a half-size larger). 

  • saacjwsaacjw member
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    I'd just forgo it. It's not unheard of and there's nothing to say your engagement ring can't be your wedding ring. I know plenty of people who don't have an engagement ring, just a wedding band, so I don't entirely see how doing the oposite would be much different. 
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  • I think I am going to forego it, when all is said and done. I mean, maybe someday years down the line we could have a band made, for our 10th anniversary, or something, to add to it, but for now we're probably fine.

    Avion, I did think about that. But blingy though it is, I really do wear my engagement ring every day. I thought about wearing a band on my other hand, but then again, it's probably easier just to skip it. But that was a good suggestion.
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    White Knot

  • My engagement ring is a one-of-a-kind which I love.  It never occurred to SO that it didn't lend itself to a band and I didn't really think about it either until the time came to shop for them.

    SO and I ended up ordering matching 8mm yellow gold bands, then I'll wear my engagement ring on my right hand when I'm wearing my band.
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  • I have just one ring, which was my preference.  So my husband decided a simple wedding band and proposed to me with that.  I think having one ring is more common than you think.  Do whatever you want to do. 

    The only downside is that a couple of my husbands friends got married around the same time we did and they teased him about being cheap and such.  He had trouble convincing them that one ring is really what I wanted.
  • I know many women who have their E rings double as wedding rings.

    If you love it,, why care what others think?
  • Exactly what OOT said ... 

    I know several women who just have the one ring, and it is just fine! The one gal has a very large diamond on a thick band and felt it simply looked best that way. Another (my sis-in-law) has a really pretty three-stone ring with a princess cut in the flanked by two trilions and no band. It's beautiful!

    Do what you LOVE for your ring ... you will be wearing it for a long, LONG time!
  • Thanks -- I feel silly even asking. I really do love my E ring, so that's all that matters. :)
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    White Knot

  • I just wear my E-ring. I hate the feeling of two rings on my finger and I hate thick rings so soldering was out of the question.  Do what feels right for you. 
  • I'm not going to have a band.  I looooove my engagement ring.  It's perfect the way it is.. and it would be challenging to find a band that would look good with it.  I figure if I want one later, it would make a great engagement gift... or maybe I'll buy it myself:):):)
  • In my opinion, the symbolism of the plain gold wedding band is the most important to me, so if I had to (which I dont --- one of my stipulations for the e-ring was that the wedding band be plain and be able to sit flush against it), I'd move the e-ring and wear the wedding band on my left hand.

    But, to each their own, and one of my best friends only wears her Celtic sapphire e-ring on her left hand. Her hubby's wedding band has a Celtic pattern to match it. Kind of neat.
  • There are no rules, wear what means the most and feels right for you.  I am a jewelry loving chick, so was thrilled when I received an anniversary band at our 25 year mark.
  • pkontkpkontk member
    I'm also foregoing the wedding band.  I really just love my e-ring so much, and anything added to it would be too much.  I'd have to get something made to fit below it, and honestly its not worth the hassle.
  • In my area, if a guy sees only one ring on the left-hand ring finger, he hits on the girl full strength.

    A friend of mine who is pretty with a very large chest that she shows off by very solid bras had to have her wedding ring sized, and for the entire week that she was wearing only one ring, she had guys hitting on her at work, on the subway, out to dinner when her DH went to the bathroom... She says it was unbelievable, and there's no reason for her to lie and talk herself up to me about this.
  • We have engagement claddagh rings. During "courtship" (haha) a claddagh goes on the right hand, and when youre married it goes on the left.... so we'll just be moving our rings from one hand to the other during the ceremony :o)
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