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No Bridesmaids?

The more I think about it, the more I think I would like to have my two brothers be "attendants" as opposed to any bridesmaids. I was thinking they could wear bow ties of a different color, in contrast to the normal ties of the groomsmen. I was hoping for input, or advice? Thank you!

Re: No Bridesmaids?

  • Have you already asked anyone to be your bridesmaid?
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  • My brother is my Man of Honor, and I have no bridesmaids. He's wearing the same thing as the GM, and Fi. All basic black tuxes.
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    I have two MOHs and no bridesmaids. What you're thinking of is totally acceptable!
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  • Go with your gut.  There is no need to have bridesmaids.  My adult son was my best man (H and I each had one attendant).  It was just fine!

    You and your brothers will have a blast on your special day.  If they're up for it, I say "Go for it!"
  • Hey! That's what I'm doing! My brother is going to be my attendant and my FI's sister will be his. I think it will be a lot more sentimental to me to have family stand with me instead of friends that come and go. Plus it will be more cost effective since I don't have to buy all these other bouquets, bouts, accessories, gifts, etc
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