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Pastor making one move out?

We've been together 9+ years, have lived together for 2+ years. Getting married 4.21.12. Pastor wants one of us to move out by 11.1.11. I understand why, I have a place to go (parents), I believe in it, and I wanted to separate before the wedding anyway -- but I wasn't expecting 5.5 months of separation (I was hoping maybe a month only). That's a long time! Anyone else in this situation? How do you handle it?

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Re: Pastor making one move out?

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    Okay... Most of you are missing the bigger point... In my opinion/understanding/conviction... any couple that "leaves," "cleaves," and becomes "one flesh" is ALREADY married in God's eyes... There is no other formula... A piece of paper... a minister... a jp... None make it any more "official" in God's eyes... Now I know this complicates the whole "multiple partner" issue, but it is the most biblical solution to "WHEN" someone is actually married... I once forgot to sign the paperwork and found it a couple of months later... does this mean the couple was not married... I don't think so... It is unfortunate that the government has gotten into the religion business when it comes to marrying people... marriage is a religious institution.  I would not (and have not) made couples separate what God has already joined together... It has been more fun and fruitful telling them about God.  I would appreciate your feedback/dialogue at add "marriage" in the subject line... Please keep it civil.  Blessings!
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