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Receiving Line

Wanted to get some opinions.  Most of the weddings I have been to lately have nixed the receiving ling.  We are doing a traditional Catholic ceremony at a church and have a little time in between the ceremony and reception.  I was planning to do one. 

Do people actually prefer that you don't (as indicated by the fact that many weddings lately haven't done them) or to guests, especially older ones, appreciate it?


Re: Receiving Line

  • We did a receiving line and I think it worked well. It definitely made it possible for us to see everyone, the reception went so fast, I think we would have missed it all if we had to go to each table.
  • I loved having a receiving line.  We had roughly 350 guests at our wedding so doing table visits just would not have been feasible.  We stood at the door to the church so everyone got to speak with us on their way out.  It worked great.
  • We got married in the Catholic church and were not allowed to have a receiving line.

    However, we did a grand entrance sort of thing at the reception right before our WP and everyone took their seats. Many of our guests were lined up between the tables and we thanked them/hugged them/shook hands with them as we walked to the head table.
  • We did a receiving line at my MIL's request and I'm soooo glad we did! It was pretty easy for us because our ceremony was in the front yard and our reception was in the back yard. My husband, our parents, and I stood at the "entrance" to the reception area and it gave everyone an opportunity to speak to us.

    We've been to/in lots of weddings this past year and we're the only ones who did the receiving line. However, I've suggested it to all of my friends who are getting married this coming year. Many people (especially older ones or out-of-town guests) don't want to stay for the reception, but they still want to speak to the couple & their families. Since we had already spoken to everyone, we were able to actually enjoy our reception. I can't imagine trying to speak all 250-300 guests during the reception...surely someone would've been left out!

    So to wrap it up - do it! It only takes about 15 minutes and if people don't want to go through the line, they can skip it. :)
  • I think it's a good way to make sure you greet all your guests.  Even if you do table visit, you could miss someone who's dancing, in the loo, getting a drink, etc.
  • Not doing one. I think they are pointless and I will see everyone at the wedding for 6 hours anyways.
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