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Beer Barrel Polka?!?!?!?!

Since this is all about tradions I have one for my family that my FI is deathly afraid of/what his family will think... For as long as I can remember and then some, my 100% German family mid-way through a wedding will get my Grandfather on the dance floore... He is 91 years old and as lead a polka train at every wedding his family has had-period. Basically directly behind him are the bride, then groom and then he grabs people as he conga-lines around the reception hall and they get added to the back of the line.  This is all done to the song Beer Barrel Polka.... I have seen my grandfather do this at my cousins Black Tie Wedding and my Uncles picnic in a park-- it doesnt matter....

I refuse to tell my g-pa No-- I mean this tradition goes back to when my mom was a child... How can I tell my FI to just chill a little and let an old man have 4 minutes of fun!!!!
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