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Scottish Tradition question

Has anyone here ever done or participated in the passing of the quaich?  We are considering it for our wedding, but are not sure when the best time to do it would be.


Re: Scottish Tradition question

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    We didn't do it for our wedding, but have for other social events (the gathering of my Scottish Clan during a large Scottish Highland Games each year.)   Hmmmm.  I would think before the ring exchange, but after the vows?  

    It can also be a very lengthy thing if you have more than 10 or so guests, because the correct way is to pass it back each time, then forward.   Although I guess you could just do it so guests pass it just one way, and then have someone at the ready to re-fill the Scotch when needed, as they usually don't hold very much since, as you know, the quaiche is low, and sort of flat, rather than a goblet. 

    PS--what type of Scotch will you be using?  A single malt, I hope?  Maybe one from the area of Scotland that your family comes from?   My favorite is Talisker, but it's a bit too peaty for the inexperienced Scotch drinker.  Glenlevitt might be the way to go for the non-Scotch drinkers--it's a single malt, but very mild, pleasant, but not much character IMO.
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    That sounds awesome!!! if my wedding didnt have close to 200 guests coming i would totally be doing this!
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    We used it at our wedding in Torridon (Scotland's highlands). When used in the ceremony it's done after the vows. Our MC explained the tradition to our guests while we did the ceremony. Its about the joining of two clans, celebrating the trust and love between the families. In ours my husband held one side while I held the other and I drank to the love of our past persent and future (3 sips each). Then he drank while we both held the cup. Then the parents drink (brides set first) mother and father both hold the cup while mom drinks then dad, then it's passed on to the grandparents and down the family line.
    You can leave it topped up at the alter/top table for the guests to take a sip if you like but it would take much too long to pass around during the ceremony, unless you carry on while they are drinking which might be distracting. Many people won't want to partake because of the unsanitary aspect of sharing a cup where lots of other people have placed their lips. We thought it was better left as a choice after the ceremony for the guests.
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    In Scotland not many places where we have the ceremony (mostly in a church) have drinks licences therefore we do this at the sit down meal.  Usually the piper will pass this to the bride/grrom and is done as a custom between only them.
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