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HELP! Need a slower polka song- worried I will vomit!

Does anyone know of a few slower polka songs?

My hubby-to-be's family always ends the reception with a Czech version of the dollar dance.  The music is supposed to be a polka where everyone dances a round with the bride and starts forming around her, eventually totally enclosing her and moving closer and further from her as a big group.  Then the groom has to try to break through the crowd to retrive his new bride and wisk her away. 

I am so concerned that after all of the stress of the planning, drinking, eating, dancing, the heat, and being surrounded by 150 people closing in on me- all while spinning around and around- I will end up vomiting... all over the most important people in our lives.

I want to honor the tradition but not end the night on a sour note by feeling (or getting) sick.  I've talked to his cousin after she did this dance and she looked absolutely green.  I need a few ideas for "slower" polka songs.

Re: HELP! Need a slower polka song- worried I will vomit!

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    I asked my mom and dad and they suggested the "oberik" variety of songs- my mom describes this music as a fast waltz. I personally don't know of specific oberik songs to tell you about, but perhaps you could search into it or ask your reception musician/dj. That may be your best bet, because honestly, when I just asked my dad about slower polkas he looked at me like I have two heads.

    Good luck! It sounds like a nice tradition.
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    Yeah, polkas as a rule are fast.
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    If you tip off your bridal party and immediate family to start the dance off at 'half time speed'  (Step on every other beat rather than each beat) it might at least buy you some slower-spinning time since others will tend to follow suit... although people will probably speed up at the end as they get excited lol.

    Ask your DJ for advice on a slower song in a similar style.
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