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Problems finding wedding band to fit engagement ring

So my fiance got my engagement ring without any asssistance from me showing him what I liked and such.  Thought it would be better to be totally surprised.  Problem is....he went with something TOTALLY unique because it was super on sale.  I have researched it and it looks like what he actually got me was a "journey ring."  There are three diamonds embedded in the band and it is like....swirly.  I'm not sure how to describe it.  here is a picture of one that is similar 

What do I do about finding a wedding band to go with this?  I know it is hurting his feelings that he thinks he did something wrong already, and I don't want that at all!!! I know we could have something custom made but that is super expensive....should I just cope with the fact that maybe I can't wear my engagement and wedding band at the same time???
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Re: Problems finding wedding band to fit engagement ring

  • Have you gone shopping and tried on bands?  I didn't know what would work with mine until I just actually went to jewelry stores and sat and tried on all different styles.  It seems like a plain band would work best with that ring. 

    Your other option would be to pick a wedding band and then wear that engagement ring on your right hand after the wedding.
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  • Ditto danieliza. The best thing to do is go shopping and try different ones on. Talk to jewelers about your options. Don't lose hope just yet. But if push does come to shove, then you can consider what dani said and just wear the band on the left hand and the e-ring on the right. Nowadays, it is more and more popular to do just this or not even wear the e-ring at all or just for special occasions and just wear the band.

    You could also look into having them saudered together since it sounds like your e-ring is a bit unique. However, there are curvy/wavy bands out there, it may just take a lot of looking and trying on. My e-ring isn't unique, just a solitare, but I can't tell you how many bands I tried on before finding the one that I wanted. Granted, I am a bit picky, but you get the point.
  • That ring can be used as a wedding band. You are just going to have to keep trying on bands to see what looks the best. Ask the store if they know of a band that works with your ring. Try a thin micro pave wedding band.
  • Ooh, that's gorgeous!  It may not be that expensive to have something made to fit, or you could get a regular band and try to get it notched to fit instead of designing something new?  Maybe ask around your local board if anyone has a suggestion for a jeweler that can do something like that?

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  • Just a suggestion - maybe you two could look for something a little more like a "traditional" (and I use that term loosely!) e ring - a solitaire or something, and then when you look at the rings as a set, the journey ring will look like the wedding band?  Maybe yours curls up a bit more than the one in the picture, but it looks like you could possibly fit a thin banded solitaire or something similar with it. 

    And I agree with PPs - maybe having the two rings soldered might make them more cohesive.

    FWIW, your ring is GORGEOUS!


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  • I have the same problem.  I have a nice pearl in the middle with my birth stones in a princess cut on either side.  It's big enough on it's own and I've unsuccessfully tried on wedding bands that will sit nice with it.

    My plan is to either use the e-ring as my wedding band or just wear the e-ring on my right hand and wedding band on my left.
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