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Honoring my deceased mother

I would obviously like to honor my deceased mother in a special way.  I would like to do something more that just a candle, bouquet of flowers, etc.  Has anyone done or seen a unique way of honoring someone special?  My cousin tied a locket with a picture of her grandmother in it to her bouquet of flowers.  I am looking for ideas similar to this.

Re: Honoring my deceased mother

  • A locket or picture of your mom is very common in your bouquet. Lots of people will tell you about this.  If you have her dress or veil you could use a piece to wrap your bouquet or make a garter out of it. 

    Here are thing things that I plan to do to honor my mom.  I will leave a single rose on a chair next to my dad where she would have sat.  Have a mention in the program for her, have special prayer said during the ceremony.  I am made a donation to the american cancer society in her name.  Also, my father and I will be dancing to my parents first dance song for our father/daughter dance. 

    I hope this helps!!  I know how hard planning can be without mom.  Good Luck!
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  • Wrap your bouquet with lace/fabric taken from her wedding dress or other clothing item.

    These bracelets can be really lovely-[]=tags&includes[]=title

    Do you have some jewelry of hers you can wear on the day?
  • I say go for the bracelet idea also, here's the one I had made:
  • Thanks everyone.  I will be wearing her jewelry.  I am also going to make a donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation, in lieu of spending $$ on party favors that will either get tossed or left behind. 

    I like the idea of using material from her wedding dress.

    We aren't getting married until February, so I've got a few months to think about it :)
  • My sister died a year ago and here i am with out my MOH I'm going to make a special bouquet for her and have it placed right by me at the ceremony, when it is all over i will go to see her and give her the bouquet.
    You don't want to do something over the top, my father daughter dance will be a song for my sister but that is about it. This day is about you and boy your mom will be proud to see you finding love. Do something that feels right to you and your dad. Make it something special that maybe only you, him and your mom will know about. Good luck my friend.
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