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Son giving me away

My son, who will be 6 when FI and I get married, is walking me down the aisle and "giving me away". I am looking for suggestions to what the officiant could say to my son rather than "who gives this woman..blah blah.." I want something that makes him feel like an important part of the ceremony. Of course I'll feel him out before the ceremony, and if he seems nervous, I won't make him say anything, but just walk with me down the aisle.
Any suggestions would be great!
Miss Amanda

Re: Son giving me away

  • My son walked me down the aisle too, but he was 24.  He walked me down the aisle, kissed me, shook hands with my FI and then sat down.

    I agree that with a 6 year old, the customary "who gives this bride" is a bit over his head.  Maybe check with your officiant, see if he/she has any ideas that would be age appropriate and fun?
  • Our officiant suggested "Is there a little guy here that's ok with sharing his mom with Dustin?"...something along those lines.

    Miss Amanda
  • aragx6aragx6 member
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    it's not necessary to say anything, but if you want to, something like amanda's suggestion above seems like a good one.
  • Lisa50Lisa50 member
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    I think putting a 6 year old in the role of a parent/guardian is tough enough, I don't think it would be fair, at all, to pose any question once he makes it to the end of the aisle.  A hug for mom and off to the first pew/row seems like the cleanest way for that scene to wrap.
  • My son is walking me down the aisle.  He will be 11 when we marry.  My 13 1/2 year old daughter will be my maid of honor.  I am a widow.

    My fiance is divorced with 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  They will proceed him to the "altar", then my children and I will walk down to join them.

    Our officiant will say "who gives this man and this woman to be married" and our children and grandchildren will all say "we do".  Then sit down.
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  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Like I said, I'm gonna feel him out the day of the ceremony to see what he's feeling up to...if he doesn't want to say anything, we can skip it...no big deal, but if he's still as excited about it as he is now, I think some way of acknowledging of his "approval" will be nice.

    (just on a side note...I am Amanda...that suggestion that pp were saying was nice was me Smile)

    Miss Amanda
  • i say if the son is up for it then by all means let him walk mommy down the aisle.  if u wanna say something do it like "are you ok sharing mommy with blank
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