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Stepfather of the Bride?

I love all of the bridal books and have gotten one for my mother (I'm her first daughter to have a proper wedding), my sister, my future husband, a whole bunch for me, and even have ones set aside for my bridesmaids. I like the idea of having everyone on the same page (excuse my pun) and my whole family also likes to read. I'm only having one problem...

I simply cannot find a good book (or any for that matter) for the stepfather of the bride. My mother and her boyfriend (technically not even my stepfather) have been together for 15 years, most of my life. My mom decided another marriage was simply not for her, so they never got married. They got serious when I was in those angsty preteen years, so we had our fights about him not being my father, the normal rebellious stuff. Needless to say we've both grown up a bit and I do want him involved. We've got ideas of how to include him, especially since my biological father will also be invited, but I don't want him to be left our of the literary festivities.

Does anyone know of any stepfather of the bride books I could find? Going full on father of the bride would be too much and too awkward, especially given that I anticipate my biological father being there. I don't want to give stepdad the wrong idea by giving him a book that will tell him how to play daddy for the day (as well as load him up with responsibilities I don't expect him to take on) and then have there be conflicts with my father, but I really want him to be included. Not to mention that these books have answered so many etiquette questions for all of us, and since he has no children of his own this will be the first wedding he'll be involved in as a father type figure. I've been doing my best to look but haven't found a single one!

Thanks for your help. Even if you don't know of any books maybe there is some kind of literature or website I could direct him to? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again everyone! Laughing
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Re: Stepfather of the Bride?

  • I have the exact same dilemma.   I especially want to honor my step-father because he is paying for a bulk of the wedding.  I think that we are choosing to have my step-father read something during the ceremony and to do a step-father/daughter dance after the father/daughter dance.  These are not perfect solutions, but I'm not sure what else to do.  Please let me know if you have any more suggestions. 
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