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young MOH

I recently moved 4.5 hours from my family and most of my close friends to live with FI because I went to school in the area and he has young siblings here. My close friend's from home would have a hard time travelling this far for planning. So, I was thinking of only asking them to be bridesmaids and asking FI's little sister to be my MOH. She is 11 now and will be 13 at the time of the wedding. My mom plans on throwing me a shower with the family member's at home and if I'm going to have a shower here it would be organized most likely by his mom or stepmom or it just won't happen. Since I'm not placing this duty or any other financial duties on my MOH and I'm just expecting some help with a few DIY projects is it outrages for me to ask the little sister? I really want to have her involved in a big way since FI's little sister on the other side of the family will be the flower girl and his brother is 18 and will be the best man.
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