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Procession into the ceremony.

So my fiance and I are trying to figure ot how to process into the ceremony. He's convinced that it's traditional for bridesmaids to be escorted by groomsmen, followed by the groom, followed by the bride. I've never seen it done this way, and have either seen the groomsmen come in one by one, followed by the groom, followed by bridesmaids, followed by the bride OR the groom and his side start at the front of the church and the bridesmaids come in, followed by the bride. 

I don't particurally care for the bridesmaids to be escorted in, but he's convinced that I'm crazy when I say that they come in on their own typically. So, I'm curious about have you seen this done most often? How are you doing it? 
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Re: Procession into the ceremony.

  • The most common in my circle is for the groom to escort his mother in, then take his place at the front.  Then the bridal party follows - one BM and one GM together - followed by the bride.  I have only twice seen the ladies walk alone.
  • They all work fine but the most common (and most likely what we're doing) is the bride's mom, (I think maybe grandparents before that? Can't remember), groom with mom, groomsmen and bridesmaids together (paired up), BM and MOH, FG/RB, then bride with dad/escort. I've seen the others rarely, or mostly on TV, and I wouldn't think it was weird.
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  • We're doing GM, then FI, then BMs, then me and my dad. So I voted for that. We're mostly doing it that way, though, because we don't have anyone else walking down so we wanted a little more "filler" time for music and such. Also bc some of the GM and BMs have dated and it would be SO awkward to have them walk together. I feel like any way would work and no one would notice.
  • I don't THINK I've ever seen tham walked in paired up, but I don't think it would look weird to me if I did. We're doing fi and groomsmen start in front, then my attendents, then me. They'll walk out seperately as well, since my attendents include my son and two daughters (who are both under 18) and they don't want to walk out in pairs. I think however you guys are most comfortable is fine!
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  • The only way I have ever seen it is gm escort bms down the aisle, then rb and fg if there are any, then the bride. Sometimes I have seen the groom escort his mother before the bridal party.
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  • I've never in my life seen the groom walk down the aisle, but I'm sure in some areas they do that. I've always seen the groom and best man walk in from the side with the pastor and stand at the front (the best man is there to support the groom).

    1. grandmothers escorted by ushers and seated
    2. mothers escorted by ushers and light candles if applicable, then seated
    3. BMs walk down the aisle with OR without GM (it really depends on preference and the number of attendants - if they go without a GM, then all GM should already be at the front lined up and will enter with groom and best man, as mentioned above)
    4. ring bearer
    5. flower girl (or ring bearer and flower girl can walk together, as they apparently did in my wedding, but I didn't know it, lol)
    6. bride with dad (or with both dad and mom, as I did in my case)
  • We did:

    DH and mom and dad
    Me and mom and dad
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  • We're planning on doing:
    FI escorts his mother
    My brother escorts our mother
    GM escort BM (with honor attendants last)
    FG and RB
    My father escorting me

    At the 3 weddings I've been to in my adult life, I've seen it done this way (2 times)  or groom and GM enter with officiant and BM walk in before the bride (once).  

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    I've generally seen the groom walk in with the officiant (or his mother) and then the groomsmen escort the bridesmaids. Otherwise all the guys start at the front, if there is a separate door they can come in from (other than coming down the aisle).
  • Bridesmaids/groomsmen
    then either

    Depends on whether my dad is able to come and wants to be involved. He as a social anxiety thing. I'm leaving it up to him.
  • I've only seen the bridesmaids come in by themselves, but this is your wedding and you can pretty much do anything you want. If you'd like everyone to come in riding donkeys you could do it. You may want to give your fiance this one, men usually don't have a lot of say in the wedding. In 10 years this little detail won't matter to either of you.
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:36Discussion:9d9d1826-1494-47f9-bd89-a2d79b169c32Post:34d8b4fd-35ee-46cd-bba1-e52d60ae642e">Re: Procession into the ceremony.</a>:
    [QUOTE]The most common in my circle is for the groom to escort his mother in, then take his place at the front.  Then the bridal party follows - one BM and one GM together - followed by the bride.  I have only twice seen the ladies walk alone.
    Posted by DramaGeek[/QUOTE]

    This is the way I have seen it done also... And this is the way I am doing it at my wedding...
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